West Virginia on the Move, Inc. (WVOM) is a nonprofit organization, with 501(c)(3) status, that has been at the forefront of initiating, supporting and collaborating with individuals, communities and government to promote a physically active lifestyle in West Virginia since 2004. Whether it’s helping senior citizens learn modern exercise technology, building walking tracks that serve communities and schools or promoting awareness of the benefits of a physically active lifestyle, we offer leadership, expertise and best practices. We believe that the health challenges that West Virginia faces have developed over time and will only change after continuous implementation of sustainable programming that has been proven to work effectively in our state.

In building momentum for a healthier future, we have offered expertise and leadership in partnering with schools to create playing areas, to build walking tracks, to support safe biking trails, and to get families exercising together. Through state agencies, we have partnered with senior centers to offer bowling, tennis and other activities through the virtual world of Nintendo Wii.  We have also partnered with social services agencies, such as The Family Resource Center- Logan, to create and support community walking events. Outcomes from these projects continue to prove that we are on the right track. We hope that you will join our efforts to have a positive impact on the physical activity in every county of our state!

Let’s get West Virginia on the Move!

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