Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Schools on the Move Grant Award Winners!

Since 2005, West Virginia on the Move has awarded 64 grants to schools in 31 West Virginia counties to increase physical activity opportunities before, during and/or after school for students, staff and families.


2013-2014 Grant Projects

Sherman Elementary School                             Boone                                         Sherman Elementary Walking Club Collaborate with Fuel Up To Play 60 and other governmental agencies, to create a walking trail around perimeter of our current school playground.  This would give community, staff, and students a place to walk in inclement weather.

C.W. Shipley Elementary School      Jefferson                                          Living Better One Step at a Time   Create a 1/3 mile walking/running trail loop with a straight 460 ft offshoot to connect it with National Park Service property with exercise stations.                                                                                                        

Elkins Middle School                                            Randolph                                                                         Hornet Fitness Path

Increase physical activity for the students, staff, and community of Elkins Middle School by building a new paved walking path.  Staff and student walking programs will be established to promote walking and community-walking events will take place on the new walking track.

Kasson Elementary/Middle School                  Barbour                                                                     Playground Renovation

Ultimate goal is to replace old pieces of exercise and play equipment available to the at risk children. Equipment lacks appropriate safety zones and doesn’t accommodate student numbers. The Pre-K and Kindergarten playground is the first phase of this renovation.

St. Agnes Elementary School                            Kanawha                                           Playground Pedometers Adventures

Incorporate increased physical  activity into the daily curriculum by 1) Utilizing Pedometers for “playground adventures” and walking contests between students, teachers and parents 2) Entire school community “walking to Jerusalem” during Lent, and 3) substituting “playground adventures” instead of pizza parties for rewards for students and teachers.  Develop Wellness policies.

Pineville Elementary School                              Wyoming                                                               Moving to our Future Due to historic flooding, Pineville Elementary School is getting a new building. To help make our new surroundings a vibrant, positive influence on our students and their families, we will place fitness stations around the perimeter of the new playground area.

2012-2013 Grant Projects

Brandywine Elementary                               Pendleton                                                                             Walking Trail

Increase physical activity most students receive by twenty minutes on a new walking trail. Activities include after-school family walking program in addition to before and during school programs.

Fountain Primary School                              Mineral                                                                                         On the Go

Increase physical activity levels of students and community members through programs using paved walking track. Promote use before during and after school and increase community access.

Marlowe Elementary                                     Berkeley                                Marlow is Walking around the World

Increase student physical activity levels during the school day in addition to increasing levels for parents, staff and community weekly by creating walking clubs that will “walk around the world”.

Point Harmony Elementary                        Kanawha              Point Harmony After-School Activity Program

Increase physical activity levels and reduce screen time through after school clubs and integration of nature trail in school and community outdoor physical activity.


Tucker County High School                         Tucker                                                                       Wheels for the Hills

Create school based outdoor adventure club to foster a life-long enjoyment of outdoor recreation for students, staff and community through mountain biking.

West Liberty Elementary                             Ohio                                                                                 Heart of an Eagle

Increase knowledge of moderate to vigorous physical activity using heart rate monitors through programming that includes best practices such as SPARK and Let’s Move! WV.



2011-2012 Grant Projects

 Bridge Elementary                                          Kanawha        Building the PILLARS to Support a Healthy Bridge

Constructing a fitness/walking path and educating students, staff and community in the PILLARS toward a healthy lifestyle through hands-on activities and experiences.

Homestead School                                         Randolph                                                     Rock Climbing Polar Bears

Install a 7 foot traverse rock climbing wall to use in helping students’ develop confidence and sense of achievement through goal setting while increasing upper body strength.

Huntington High School                               Cabell                Huntington High Trail and Stepping Into Fitness

Through community and school collaboration create a hiking/fitness trail with fitness stations and outdoor classroom.

Jayenne Elementary                                      Marion                                                 Jayenne Jaguars Do the Circuit

Develop PE circuit training and hip hop dance programming in addition to school walking trail. Community members and parents will be involved in activities during Family Fun Nights.

Tunnelton-Denver Elementary School   Preston                                        COOL-Changing Our Old Lifestyles

Improve a walking program by engaging staff, students and family/community in mapping and posting walking distances through WV. Program includes Family Fun Nights and community walking club.

Woodsdale Elementary                                Ohio                                                   Wii Make the World Go Around

Using pedometers and Wii gaming platform implement cardiovascular enhancement programming that involves students, staff and families.


2011-2012 Funding for SOM provided by WVU Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Additional funding provided by End Childhood Obesity Race (ECHO), Wheeling, WV and The CARDIAC Project. Initial program funding from Benedum Foundation.


2010-2011 Grant Projects

Crescent Elementary School                       Raleigh County                   Crescent Chipmunks Get Fit with Fun

Purchase outdoor equipment and create a walking/fitness trail to increase physical education time and increase physical activity opportunities through training and incentives.

Kellogg Elementary                                        Wayne County                                             Kellogg’s Field of Fitness

Incorporate enhanced recreation area, fitness stations and walking track into classes and promote use before and after school to staff and community through collaboration with Marshall University.

Logan Elementary                                           Logan County                             Logan Grade – Happy and Healthy

Implement new PE programs, school wide exercise routines, alternative physical activity curriculum, and staff and parent focused interventions as part of long term effort to promote healthy lifestyle habits.

Page Jackson Elementary School              Jefferson County                                                              Kids Run Wild


Improve environment by co-locating nature trail and youth garden at school and implementing Kids Run Wild program to instill lifelong exercise habits for students, staff and families.

 Parkersburg South High School                Wood County                                                        Lunchtime=Funtime

Through training, tournaments and challenges increase physical activity levels of students, staff and families using electronic gaming systems and equipment in cafeteria.

Pleasants County Middle School              Pleasants County                                              School Fitness Center

Create fitness center for students and staff and through collaboration with parks and recreation make available to community to increase physical activity levels and instill lifelong lifestyle habits for all.

Ritchie County Middle School                   Ritchie County                                          Fitness Center Make-Over

Improve fitness center for use during physical education classes and establish “Invite Parent Day” in addition to expanding community use of center.

Shepherdstown Elementary School        Jefferson County                                                              Kids Run Wild

Implement Kids Run Wild program, conduct community walk audits and prepare students, staff and families to participate in community based running events over two years.

Victory Baptist Academy                              Raleigh                                                                             The Victory Trail 

Create a trail with fitness stations to increase physical activity for students during physical education class, recess and offer alternative classroom instruction. Activities involve families and community.

Warwood School                                             Ohio                                                         Warwood Gets Its Move ON!

Implement Power Up program on new outdoor equipment, create indoor fitness stations for use before school, and promote walking to school.

West Hamlin Elementary                            Lincoln                                                                       Climbing to the Top

Increase upper body strength and aerobic capacity of students, staff and families through training on use of a new climbing wall during after school program, family nights and other community events.

2009-2010 Grant Projects

Bruceton School                                               Preston County                     Bruceton School Playground Project

Purchase new playground equipment and design an adult and child fitness program. Train staff to use the program in lesson plans and for personal fitness. Educate community on physical activity.


George Ward Elementary School             Randolph County                                                                         MOVE IT

Rebuild the school playground. Create boxes of equipment for use during indoor recess. Train teachers and students in the safe use of all equipment.


Lakeside Elementary                                     Putnam County                                      Pedaling the Panther Path!

Paint a bike path on existing surface. Purchase pre-k bikes, gross motor equipment, storage, and safety helmets. Host wellness fair and bike safety rodeo.



Lumberport Middle School                         Harrison County                                                   Eagles on the Move!

Use DDR and Wii Fit Interactive in PE and AA period. Hold family fitness nights to introduce families to learn about physical fitness and nutrition. Activities include pedometer program and wellness website.


Mercer School                                                  Mercer County                                                             Family Fun Night

Family Fun Nights will provide appropriate activities for students and parents, grandparents, teachers and community members. Activities will focus on increasing physical activity and nutrition for six weeks.


Mylan Park Elementary School                  Monongalia County                        Mylan Park Activity Challenge

Summer Shape-Up Challenge is a family program that promotes student physical activity during the summer. West Virginia Adventure Challenge promotes walking using step counting pedometers.


Philip Barbour High School Complex      Barbour County                      Archery-Plus for Barbour Countians

Program will impact youth through 10-day physical education units; through an archery club and interscholastic competition; and through family days, workshops and biathlons.


Sand Hill Elementary                                     Marshall County                                Family, Food, Fitness and Fun

Monthly family fitness events at school providing creative activities, along with a 9-week nutrition course. Activities will demonstrate that healthy cooking can be an easy and fun family activity.


Washington Irving Middle School            Harrison County                                                              Skate in School

Purchase and implement Skate in School program. Students to keep fitness log with parental involvement. Logs will be part of students’ agenda at the beginning of the year.


Williamstown Elementary School            Wood County                                              Jacket Stinger Speedway

Construct a school walking track and purchase fitness stations. Track will be used in community walks, monthly healthy lifestyles program and family fitness nights.


2007-2008 Grant Projects

Alum Bridge Elementary School                               Lewis                                 Healthy Hearts for Healthy Kids

Create walking trail to promote walking and increased physical activity among students, faculty and community members. Trail will be used to develop physical activity programs such as Community Walk-a-Thons, student Walk-a-Thons, classrooms competitions, and 10,000 steps programs.


Creed Collins Elementary                                            Ritchie                                                                 SPARK training

Train thirty Ritchie County physical health education teachers in SPARK. Teachers will use research based and developmentally appropriate material to teach over 900 students.

Harrisville Elementary School                                   Ritchie                                         We are Climbing the Walls

Install gymnasium climbing wall to be incorporated into the physical education program at school to increase muscular strength and stamina.

North Elementary School                                             Monongalia                                   Dance Dance Revolution

Purchase Dance, Dance Revolution, pedometers, and other equipment (hula hoops, jump ropes, soccer and playground balls, etc) to be used in the PE program and other activities.

Malden Elementary                                                       Kanawha                                                   Calm and Energized

To offer Yoga training classes to students, parents and teachers. To teach students to increase physical activity, decrease stress and anxious overeating, build physical strength, flexibility and confidence, and discover personal stress triggers which result in overeating and lethargy and how to eliminate them.

Martin Elementary School                                           Wood                                                      Family Fitness Nights

An eight- week program during winter for over 150 students and families, senior citizens and home schooled families.

Mercer Elementary School                                          Mercer                                                            Family Fun Night

Targeting 322 students, families and 36 faculty and staff, these nights will promote healthy lifestyles and offer support activities.

North Elementary School                                             Randolph                                                    Recreation Station

Create a recreation station that will use workout equipment such as pull up bars, sit-up benches and virtual games to enhance recreational play.

St. Agnes Catholic School                                             Kanawha                                                               Walking Track

Construct a new walking track that will be available to students and community.

Tygart Valley Middle and High School                   Randolph                                                                     Techno Fit

To launch a technology based physical activity program using televisions equipped with Dance Dance Revolution and Nintendo Wii gaming systems.

2006-2007 Grant Projects

Chamberlain Elementary School                              Kanawha                                                      Pride Rock Village

Improve existing playground

Cheat Lake Middle School                                           Monongalia                                            SHARKS Getting Fit!

Provide tailored fitness information to all fifth graders to increase physical activity.

Clay County Middle School                                         Clay                                                    Mountain Mud Mashers

Continue after school bike rides, transportation for park rides, safety and skills classes, and use equipment for spin classes in winter. Learn through biking, while staying physically active.

Doddridge County Middle School                            Doddridge                          Bobcat Family Recreation Area

Phase I of outdoor recreation area – to build 3 rim basketball court available to students and the community.


Greenbrier East High School                                      Greenbrier                                                      Project Lifestyle

Purchase Dance, Dance Revolution to be used along with ROUTEEN, a dance/movement program, and to purchase exercise equipment such as bands and hand weights, etc.

Jane Lew Elementary School                                      Lewis                                                         Healthy Hearts Trail

Phys Ed classes will use the trail. The school will sponsor walk-a-thons to promote physical activity, community walking events.

Kanawha Elementary School                                      Wood                                                      Playground and Track

Install playground equipment inside the present walking track.

Martin & Madison Elementary Schools                 Wood                                                        Martin on the Move

Martin on the Move – an 8 week Family Fun/Fitness night program that will increase teacher, student, and family involvement at school, increase physical activity opportunities, and support healthy nutrition. Madison Elementary School will develop Dance, Dance Revolution programs to provide recess during bad weather.

Sherman High School                                                    Boone                                               Moving to better Health

Provide organized physical activities structured and supervised by a trained physical education teacher to community and students. The program will encourage and develop healthier lifestyles and habits.

West Liberty Elementary School                              Ohio                                                                                       WLES

To increase movement during recess – inside and outside -by including fun, mobile equipment. To increase faculty, staff and student wellness with a school wide pedometer program. To increase student lifetime fitness with Learn to Swim program and after school club.


2005-2006 Grant Projects

Bridge Street Elementary School                              Ohio                                Bridge Street Elementary School

Walking trail with exercise enhancements around the perimeter of the school.

George Ward Elementary School                             Randolph                                           Follow Our Footsteps!

Build a walking trail, hold a community heath and fitness fair and promote walking through challenges for school classes, families and the community.

Kasson Elementary School                                          Barbour                                  Pathway to Lifetime Fitness

Create a quality walking/running/exercise trail and stations on school ground. Available to students and community.

Martin Elementary School                                           Wood                                                      Martin on the Move

Increase access to physical activity opportunities and interactive nutrition education of students, parents, and community members.

Wirt County Middle School                                        Wirt                                     Wirt Wellness – A Way of Life

Involving teachers, parents and students to increase physical activity opportunities.